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What is sweeping the membranes to induce labor

what is sweeping the membranes to induce labor

Although theres no guarantee it will start your labour, it does help some women avoid having their labour induced in more invasive ways.
If your waters have broken but labour hasn't started, membrane sweeps are not recommended as, in these circumstances, they can increase your risk of infection.
At the hospital, your doctor will give you hormones called prostaglandins to open the cervix and trigger contractions.
Induction is very common - 1 out of 4 women in the.S.
When used as a means for induction of labour, the reduction in the use of more formal methods of induction needs to be balanced against women's discomfort and other adverse effects.A review of available studies concluded that the efficacy depends on how far along in pregnancy a woman is, and whether or not she uses other induction methods.Sometimes it's still safe to let labor begin on its own.Induction, especially with medications, might not be safe for women whove had a previous C-section or other surgery to the uterus.Because induction poses some risks, experts say that women shouldn't be induced unless it's medically necessary.Continued, some doctors recommend "elective" inductions for non-medical reasons.The procedure may also be called a stretch and sweep, because if a sweep isn't possible, your midwife may still try to stretch or massage your cervix.Generally, inducing labor is safe, but there are risks: Higher risk of a C-section.However, membrane sweeping can be a useful way of bringing on labour before other methods of induction are offered.It stimulates prostaglandins, compounds that act like hormones and can control certain processes in the body.But some women are induced for convenience, either their own or their doctor's or midwife's.

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After sweeping of the membranes, there was a 17 risk reduction (confidence interval 6 to 29, random effects model) in the use of more formal methods for labour induction.
Or maybe your doctor asks you to accommodate his or her schedule.
If none of these methods starts your labor, you'll most likely need a C-section, especially if your water has broken.A study published in the, journal of Clinical Gynecology Obstetrics found that there dont appear to be any increased risks for negative side effects in women undergoing membrane sweeping.You can get it done in your doctor's or midwife's office.Enkin M, Keirse mjnc, Neilson J, Crowther C, Duley L, Hodnett E, Hofmeyr.If you wind up needing a C-section after induction, your time in the hospital will be even longer.Selection criteria: Adequately controlled trials of digital separation of the membranes from the lower uterine segment for inducing labour or for preventing post-term pregnancy, compared to either no vaginal examination or vaginal examination for cervical assessment only without the intention to detach the membranes.To be honest, a membrane sweeping isnt a comfy experience.