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What is purchase ledger in purchase voucher in tally

what is purchase ledger in purchase voucher in tally

Some time tax on purchases and cost of material is shown separately.
Debit: Central Purchase Account 31500/ Total 31500/ Credit: M/s Mascot Marketing 31500/ Total 31500/ Narration: Being goods purchased from M/s Mascot Marketing as per their bill.1501 dated.07.15 enclosed.
M/s Computer city is a computer sales company.Prepare the necessary voucher in the books of M/s XYZ Limited.Please note that for control purpose, all type of purchases should be entered at one place also.Solution: First of all, we have to ascertain that the goods are purchased for resale purpose only do stores get money for selling winning lottery tickets uk or it is trading item.Name of Item : Select the stock item Samsung mobile created Quantity: Enter the number of item purchased here, 10 No Rate: Enter rate per item, here 15000/ mobile.Therefore this purchase shall be treated as local purchase and the purchase voucher shall be prepared as under:- M/S XYZ limited purchase voucher Voucher.Under Particulars, You will find To The credit aspect of transaction that is Samsung India Pvt Ltd Ledger should be selected there and Enter total bill amount in amount field.Note: You can skip this if you are confused about a lot of options.In the By Field select the debit aspect of transaction here Purchase A/c.

Press enter to accept the screen Enter narration and save.
Debit: Local Purchase 5 Taxable Account 20000/ Debit: Local Sales Tax @ / Debit: Cartage Inward Expenses Account 500/ Total 21500/ Credit: M/s Gift House 21500/ Total 21500/ Narration: Being goods purchased from M/s Gift House as per their bill.125 dated.07.15 enclosed.
While preparing the purchase voucher, the accountant must keep the following points in mind.Point To Be Kept in Mind While Preparation of Purchase Voucher.This type is useful for entering service transactions as there will not be any stock item.Miles) purchase ledger n (Commerce) a record of a company's purchases of goods and services showing the amounts paid and due purchase tax n (Brit) a tax levied on nonessential consumer goods and added to selling prices by retailers.In supplementary details enter the details of suppliers as shown in the below figure.For cash purchase, cash payment voucher is prepared.Illustration for Cash Purchase Basically, Cash Payment Vouchers are prepared for all cash purchases. .According to above transaction, it is clear that the supplier and purchaser are from same state.e.