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For Activation of License Exemption Frequency (Seong-Min Cha).5319-5326.
PDF Fast Noise Removal in Nondestructive Crack Detection and Analysis for Concrete Slab Structure Health Monitoring (Kwang Baek Kim and Doo Heon Song).871-876.
Study on the Extreme Crop Disaster Using Satellite RS Technique (Li Chengfan and Yin Jingyuan).3567-3576.
Adaptive Security Model in Real-time Intrusion Detection Environment (Myung-Mook Han, Dong-Hui Li and Taikyeong Ted.Human Reliability Analysis in Complicated Armament Equipment System (Jianxin Huang and Yaqin Bian).5867-5878.An Adaptive and Hierarchical System for Small-Businesses' Credit Assessment (Xiying Hao and Yanwen Dong).4675-4692.PDF A Study on Application Plans of Big Data to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Auto Maintenance Industry (Lee-sang Jung and Dae-hyun Jung).2679-2684.A b Williams, Scott (January 20, 1998).PDF A Growth Model of Social Network Based on Individual Selection (Qingjun Li, Wentian Cui, Xiaoming Sun and Xiaomo Li).361-372."South Park GBC - Cancelled - Unseen64".Extract Chinese Summarization Based on Concept-Obtained and Clustering Algorithm (Meng Wang).3735-3740.PDF Research on the Parenting Stress and Self-Esteem of Parents with Primary School Children (Jye-young kim and Sung-JeCho).6195-6202.PDF Moving Object Tracking based on Mark Tag Detection (Shunsuke Nara and Satoru Takahashi).469-482.

PDF It's Not that Simple!
PDF The Development of steam Educational Program Based on the Real Landscape Painting, Dodamsambong (Yongpil Park, Haksung Kim and Mabyong Yoon).3815-3820.
Previous efforts to create a second South Park film were complicated due to both studios retaining certain rights to the property.PDF A Study on Heating Supply Temperature According to the Transport Distance in District Heating System (Ji-Ae Lee, Ji-Hye Ryu and Won-Hwa Hong).2167-2174.An Unstructured Peer to Peer Architecture over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (He Li, Kyoungsoo Bok and Jaesoo Yoo).3085-3106.Rough-set based Incremental Rule Induction (Shusaku Tsumoto and Shoji Hirano).1677-1682.Environmental Key Influence Features in Fish Farming Using by Clustering Algorithms (Yong Gyu Jung, Min-Soo Kang and Young-Jin Choi).6673-6678.A Novel Graph Partition based Page Segmentation Algorithm (Yumming Ye, Chunshan Li and Xiaofeng Zhang).2091-2098.Malware Classification Method via Binary Content Comparison (TaeGuen Kim, Boojoong Kang and Eul Gyu Im).5773-5788.PDF Gender Differences in Effects of Leadership Development Program among Korean College Students (Hyejin Kim).2853-2860.