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Discount rebate definition

discount rebate definition

The cash balance a business holds is essentially a demand for transactions money.
Debt factoring is also used as a financial instrument to provide better cash flow control especially if a company currently has a lot of accounts receivables with different credit terms to manage.
The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition Copyright 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company.Accounts receivable discounting edit Non-recourse factoring is not a loan.Cite This Source Word of the Day Related Words Nearby words for rebate Word Value for rebate Scrabble Words With Friends What does Tis the Season mean?You Pay Higher Taxes Than Boeing (and GE, Verizon 23 More.S.34 In England the control over the trade thus obtained resulted in an Act of Parliament in 1696 to mitigate the monopoly power of the factors.Introduction of the Internet and the web has accelerated the process while reducing costs.The web has also made it possible for factors and their clients to collaborate in real time on collections.Although shorter contract periods are now becoming more common, contracts and monthly minimums are typical with "whole ledger" factoring, which entails factoring all of a company's invoices or all of the company's invoices from a particular debtor.However, as mentioned, there are periods of time in which cash flow can be negative (more cash flows out than in).Rebate n (Commerce) a refund of a fraction of the amount free fridays coupons canada payable or paid, as for goods purchased in quantity; discount vb ( tr ).C15: from Old French rabattre to beat down, hence reduce, deduct, from re- abatre to put down; see abate rebatable, rebateable adj rebater n rebate (ribet; ræbt) n, vb (Building) another word for rabbet rebate (ri bet;.

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Rebate 2 (rbt, rbt).
A deduction from an amount to be paid or a return of part of an amount given in payment.
(archaic) to reduce or diminish (something or the effectiveness of something) Derived Forms rebatable, rebateable, adjective rebater, noun Word Origin C15: from Old French rabattre to beat down, hence reduce, deduct, from re- abatre to put down; see abate rebate2 /ribet; ræbt/ noun, verb.In the United States, if the factor does not assume the credit risk on the purchased accounts, in most cases a court will recharacterize the transaction as a secured loan.One more difference between the factoring and invoice discounting is that in case of factoring the seller assigns all receivables of a certain buyer(s) to the factor whereas in invoice discounting the borrower (the seller) assigns a receivable balance, not specific invoices.These also drove and were driven by modifications of the common law framework in England and the United States.In part this occurred because of the structure of the US banking system with its myriad of small banks and consequent limitations on the amount that could be advanced prudently by any one of them to a firm.